I recently visited a butterfly farm with my friend and colleague Nikki Wilkinson from Red Earth Feet.

To witness the whole process of life and death in such a concentrated space and frame of time is an amazing experience. And it made me value every second of my existence much more. Before we got in, I set the intention to stop the thinking chatter completely and live the experience fully present. I visualized myself as a flower as we came in, when the first butterfly came to greet me. I was captivated looking at it, expecting a kind of guidance, when she opened her wings and I clearly heard an inner voice telling me to open mine.

“Life is short and too precious. Drop the fear.”

Fear and phobias follow us during our entire life. Family and society transfer their own fears onto us from a very young age, if not from the beginning. And they do such a good job that we’re not even conscious of most of them. The only thing we’re aware of, it’s that we never get things accomplished, or that a part of our life never works, especially the way we want to. It seems that there is always something external blocking our spiritual or material growth. The reality is though, that during your whole life, it has been within you, hidden by many layers of conditioning. And meanwhile, you’ve been transfering all those same fears onto everyone you’ve encountered throughout your life.

Today we know that 90% of our fears and phobias are about insignificant issues and 60% of them are never going to happen. To be able to recognise them as they arise and having the tools to honour and control them instead of letting them control you, should be paramount and it’d avoid a lot of stress and anxiety. You’d gain clarity of thinking and suddenly, your creativity would shoot up because there won’t be more “what if’s” preventing you of doing what you really want. So imagine, how much free time you’d have in your hands to spend in all those activities, proyects, jobs or hobbies that you really enjoy but never find the time to even contemplate the idea. Not to mention, the joy of acting fearless and being able to create and manifest your own dreams.

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Among Butterflies…drop de fear
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