One more week I’m going to tell you about the techniques I work with to support and serve you. Today the turn is for Biodecoding.

Biodecoding was born from the new German medicine and tells us that the symptoms and illnesses that we have, both physical and psychological, are directly related with our own emotional blocks. Therefore, biodecoding argues that “ilnesses and diseases” don’t exist as such. They are biological survival programmes that activate the brain, so the organisms adapt to the stress they are enduring due to the conflicts that every being suffer.

On the other hand, although directly related, current neroscientific theory tells us that the brain is organised to reflect everything we believe and know. And we know that all the knowledge and experiences we have been exposed to throughout our lives, or even that we have inherited, are stored in the brain’s sypnaptic connections. Meaning that our beliefs, in the form of those knowledge and experiences, resolve our reality. For instance, as a child I was repeatedly told that cold was caught from the feet. Thus, every time I walk barefoot or my feet get cold, I get ill. That is my reality. However, I’ve met people who can have cold feet for hours and their health is not affected. Why? Because they weren’t programmed for that. Nobody explained to them that way you get a cold, so that it’s not part of their reality.

Thus, if we think in our body as a programmable machine, and given that emotions make us differenciate between what is real or not for us. We discover that it is our body who can reproduce, in the form of an imbalance or an illness, what it thinks to represent as a way out for its beliefs or internal conflicts.

Thanks to biodecoding, we can find out what emotions are behind our mental blocks, fears or diseases. As we’ve seen in previous post, the quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives we must change the way we think, act and feel, that is to say we have to change our personality as it is our personality that creates our personal reality. So to create changes in our reality or in our health, we should feel as if we already have what we want to achieve and transform ourselves in who we want to be beforehand.

Recent studies in quantum psychology and neuroemotion, give us many easy to learn techniques, which practiced in a regular basis, will help us to transform our beliefs, to persuade every cell in our body and to release those emotions that are blocking our growth and evolution, not to mention our health.

If you want to go deeper, find out what emotions are blocking your development, and learn emotional freedom techniques, don’t miss the self-help online courses I’ve created to help you. If you don’t find the ideal course for you, let me know and I’ll design one exclusively for you. For any query, please, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Biodecoding – Tell me what you endure & I’ll tell you how you felt
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