I´m afraid I’ve had a tantrum this morning. What can I say, I’m fed up listening how we blame our politicians (me included) for everything and don’t take responsibility for our own behaviour. This issue, Environment, is off topic for me but I think it’s important. Apologies if my tone offends you, sometimes I’m too passioned in the way I express myself, although this is an important issue, don’t you think? Not just for the enviroment and the heritage we’re leaving to the next generations, but also for our life at this very moment. Enough of moving around like zombies, doing and saying things without thinking in the consequences of our actions. Becoming aware of our actions and words we improve our life and the life of those around us here and now.

Let’s take responsibility over our life!

Become Aware!

Are We Going to Keep Blaming Politicians for the Environment? Become Aware
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