Retreat means to step back from the noisy world we live in, so we can hear our own voice.

However, we often "retreat" and bring that noisy world with us in the form of thoughts. Thoughts that keep us alert and occupied, confusing us into thinking that we're solving something and struggling in a fight that, more often than not, we've created ourselves.

That's why I offer retreat spaces where to receive the support and guidance you need to dissipate the fog and find Your True Self. Your Intuition. Your Voice.

The true self who is in unity with the whole universe and understands that you're not alone, not even when you're on your own. The true self who knows you are loved, you are valued, you are worthy and you are safe.

The intuition who knows what it's best for you in every situation and guides you softly, so you can move forward at your own rhythm.

The voice who can be expressed without fear to be rejected or judged because it speaks from the heart.

There are different options. Personal retreats tailored just for you and your loved ones (1 or 2 people). And retreats for bigger groups previously organised. Depending on the length and characteristics it could include:

  • Horse Assisted Coaching or Therapy
  • Quantum love
  • Let go, Welcome & Integration
  • Emotional Balance
  • Nutrition & Emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • And much more...

If you feel the need to take time and space for yourself, I can help you to connect with your true inner self, to feel worthy and safe once and for all, to discover the abundance the world around you has to offer and to fall in love with your own life. Contact me and tell me what your need are.

I'll create a journey to you inner self that will transform your world.


Spread Your Wings & Fly

Personal and guided retreat, tailored to spend on your own, with your partner or a friend (2 people maximum).

  • Journey within to let go trapped emotions that stop your growth, personally & professionally
  • To find your options, your answers, your path 
  • A glance to the future of your dreams and firsts steps to manifest it

Healing with the Heart

May 6th-10th 2020

A life changing and self-restoring opportunity to connect with your soul, feel the love inside you grow renewed again and reborn feeling the energy from the source.

  • Connect with your Inner Healer 
  • Feel worthy and safe once and for all
  • Find joy and be ready to spread love and inspiration