Sometimes in life we reach a point when we feel enough is enough, it’s time for a break. Well, what about having a life changing adventure kind of break?

If you’re like most of my clients and even myself some years ago, you could be facing some of these struggles and challenges:

  • You’re stuck at a job you don’t enjoy anymore

  • You feel drained and people around you sap your energy

  • You feel undervalued and wasted and can’t find the motivation or inspiration to make any changes

  • There is never enough time, money or joy in your life

  • You feel lost and disconnected

  • Your relationships are unfulfilling

  • Or you just have been working a lot lately and need some big “me time”

If you relate with one or more of these feelings I can help you to connect with your true inner self, to feel worthy and safe once and for all, to discover the abundance the world around you has to offer and to fall in love with your own life, but first…

To give you a test I’ve created Emotional Balance, a two hour long Horse Assisted Coaching workshop, that will get you into a journey toward the center of your heart. 

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Now, imagine yourself exploring the inspiring land and astonishing wildlife of Costa Rica