Retreat means to step back from the noisy world we live in, so we can hear our own voice.

However, we often retreat and bring with us that noisy world in the form of thoughts that keep us alert and occupied, confusing us into thinking that we're trying to solve problems and struggling in a fight that we've created ourselves.

I offer spaces to retreat yourself while having the support and guidance you need to dissipate the fog and find your true self. Your intuition. Your voice.

The true self who is in unity with the whole universe and understands

The intuition who knows what it's best in every situation

The voice who can express without fear

If you relate with one or more of these feelings I can help you to connect with your true inner self, to feel worthy and safe once and for all, to discover the abundance the world around you has to offer and to fall in love with your own life, but first…

To give you a test I've created Emotional Balance, a two hour long Horse Assisted Coaching workshop, that will get you into a journey toward the center of your heart. 

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Now, imagine yourself exploring the inspiring land and astonishing wildlife of Costa Rica