Not long ago I read an article about a professor who made an experiment with his pupils.

The premise was that our enviroment, and everything inside it, alive or inert, it’s made out of energy. That way, the words we use to talk with ourselves and to communicate with others, have an impact in the energetic field of everyone and everything around us, but mainly, towards what or who those words are directed to.

To prove it, the professor placed the same amount of cooked rice in two different containers. He wrote “I love you” in one of them, and “I hate you” in the other. Then, he placed both in the refrigerator. In the same way, he told his pupils to say nice words to the pan which said “I love you” and ugly or even hurtful words to the other, every time they opened the fridge. After some days, they’d check what happened.

Anyway, the other day I was cooking a salad and cooked too much rice, so I decided to make my own experiment. Let’s see what has happened:

As you can see, the rice that received hatred is dryer, and mold has started to be formed. In my opinion, this prove that words don’t go away, they get stuck in our energetic field and, bit by bit, they eat us away from the inside out. And taking it into account, it’s difficult not to re-think how we talk to our family members, employees, friends, or even ourselves.

I’m trying to imagine the effect that mold has on living beings, specially humans. For some of us it’d affect our self-esteem and we’d appear as sad people, isolating ourselves and being unable of interacting with others. Others however, would appear as dry, harsh and bitter. It’s hard to look at them in the same way, isn’t it? And we’re just considering the emotional harm. However we now know that emotions play a very important role in our health…

That’s why it’s so important trying not to judge, especially, not to react when we feel offended. They’re just expressing their own pain toward everything they’ve been through. That doesn’t mean that we have to like them, or spend time with them. What we can do, it’s to offer some encouragement and continue with our lives. Be sure that you’ll leave a seed in their hearts.

So now tell me, have you ever thought about how you talk to yourself?

Don’t let mold to be formed. Talk to yourself with affection!

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The Power of Words
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