Eight nights retreat in a charming country property, hidden among the mountains of Sierra Cabrera, an oasis in the desertic Almería, Spain. All meals included. Yogic Dance workshops, coaching with horses, meditations in nature, ceremony to the full moon and much more.

The focus of this retreat lies in discovering, accepting and harmonising the external and internal rhythms of your own life.

It’s not about being “positive” or “negative”, focus in the “good” and denying the “bad”, those concepts are not real. As the tides in the sea, there are moments in life when we do need to be with the water up to the neck to awaken our creativity and be able to develop our full potential. And this is what this journey is all about; a week to disconnect from the daily noises, to go within towards the depths of your own being, face your soul and grow.

We’ll connect with nature, our bodies, animals, the sea, the 4 elements (water, earth, fire & air) and the full moon. We’ll feel through the five senses to develop the sixth; intuition.


Susana Salamanca – Emotional Balance & Horse Assisted Therapy
Nikki WilkinSun – Creative Arts & Movement Therapist












We’ll stay at El Nacimiento Del Rincón, a chanting country property, located in an oasis hidden among the mountains of Sierra Cabrera, a half an hour drive to the coast in Mojácar, Almería. Its owners, Adolfo & María, will pamper us, preparing all our meals with loving care. Given the nature of the retreat; connecting with Nature, our rhythms and animals, all meals will be vegetarian.