I have just finished the online course “Connecting with Horses – Horse Assisted Counseling & Coaching” and it has been absolutely amazing from start to finish.

The content was incredibly interesting and truly life-changing and will equip me not only in my professional life but also in my personal life as I now have the skills to deal with any issues that arise in my future.

A really key part of this course was to experience and understand the process yourself in order to effectively help others and this has been a really amazing thing for me to experience. I have worked through emotions I was suppressing and liberated them which has helped me deal with various issues and become a much stronger, more confident person. I truly feel like I can tackle anything that arises in my future because of the techniques I have learnt on the course.

Even if you don’t wish to start a business in this field (although if you do this course will give you all the necessary help and information to do so), I would highly recommend taking this course just for the life-changing things you will learn about identifying and liberating emotions.

In terms of my future I was unsure about what I wanted to do before I saw this course and I am so glad I enrolled because it has shown me a way I can combine my passion for nature, animals and helping people in a way that really inspires me. I feel truly invigorated and excited about the next chapter of my life that has been opened up for me!

Fiona Galloway