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“I’ve connected with that olive tree. It’s been here for a long time and it tells me that, along the years it’s been exposed to a either too cold or too hot weather and the wind has broken its branches and pulled out its leaves and fruits multiple times. Nevertheless, here it is; strong and giving shade to those who could need it. I’ve suffered myself too and I lost one of the most important “fruits” of my life, but here I am! I still can feel the best of me wanting to flourish. I just have to keep feeding my roots and start valuing what I’ve achieved.”

Some of my clients have suffered a lot along their life and most of them, never had access to the tools offered nowadays to tackle it. The only way forward was lower their heads, keep working to survive and pretend that nothing happened. But in time, doing that take its toll.

That’s why the best gift I can have from my work is to be a witness of the transformation they experience along the therapeutic or coaching process. To see them connecting with nature, talking to horses, dogs or trees and to come to conclusions worthy of the most acclaimed masters and gurus.

More than a year ago, I decided to create an online course to teach Horse Assisted Therapy and Coaching. To create a community of like-minded professionals capable of guiding their clients to go within and connect with their true inner self and to find their own answers and solutions to whatever is blocking their journey. And just like that, Connecting with Horses was born, an online course that will take you on a self-discovery journey of personal and professional development. An online course to make you a well-grounded Coach and Counsellor who will guide clients to CONNECT WITH NATURE.

The whole information to the course is in the next link. If you feel the call and want to belong to this great community of professionals, don’t waste more time, we start by October 15th 2019.

Connecting with Horses Online Course

Connecting with Horses – horse assisted Counseling & Coaching online course

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