Everybody knows or has heard about Coaching nowadays. It is a set of techniques and tools used to guide coachees to discover, design and achieve their goals. To increase wellbeing and productivity.

The focus can be in personal or professional development. Coaches inspire their coachees with a set of tools that help them to improve their motivation, time managing, creativity designing new actions, responsibility, problem solving and any other goal they consider. It helps to manage challenges, difficulties, the raising of awareness and to set a plan from where the coachee or the team is to where they want to be. Focus is then on the present from where to build the future.

Therefore, it is a fantastic tool for the personal and professional development of any individual or working team.

So then, What is the difference between Coaching and the Corporate Therapy that Free Dreams offers?

Free Dreams covers all aspect of organisational development, from its psychology to leadership or teamwork, from executive coaching to talent management and team growth. It provides to the individual with a unique relationship with him or herself and with the other members of the team providing a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Most importantly, even though it helps to manage challenges, difficulties, the raising of awareness and to set a plan from where the team is to where it wants to be, it does not forget the team is formed by human beings with a past. That if it is not managed in a correct and efective way, it will affect their present and their future. Thus, their performance and relationships within the company.

Free Dreams approach is solution oriented. I believe that, weather it be their work enviroment or their relatioships, clients have their own best solutions if just given the opportunity to discover them.

Each Corporate Therapy Course is tailored to suit your company’s unique requirements and provide you with the best service possible. For more information contact me.