Feel Calm – A Life Without Stress & Anxiety


Imagine a world where nervousness, mental blocks and fears dissapear and transform in security, control and confidence. Reach it with this self-help eCourse.

Stress and anxiety are called “the diseases of modern society”. They affect a high percentage of the population and have serious consequences in our health and lifestyle. Good news are that with this course you’ll learn to connect with CALMNESS and to take smart decisions in any situation.

Because to Invest in your Growth is to Transform your Reality

Due to the actual social climate with coronavirus, I’ve decided to offer this course so everyone can afford it.

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Transform Stress & Anxiety in Security, Control & Confidence

In this self-help course you will understand what stress and anxiety are, what function do they have and why you could be suffering from them. In the same way, you will learn to carry out different techniques to liberate emotions that will help you deal with and release those that are hidden behind those states, so you could live a fulfilled life.

Every time we live a traumatic disorder to a greater or lesser extent, we feel a number of emotions, that if we don’t learn to manage and direct, will block our body.

When this happens, every time we experience a similar situation, we feel those emotions again, and that takes us to reacting instead of responding. That is to say, we create automatic responses that in many cases are detrimental for our growth and health.

What happens there is that our body doesn’t express what we really think and that creates an unbalance, what it’s also known as heart incoherence. If this incoherence remain in time it could manifest through illnesses.

Emotions which are anchored in conscious memories, can be liberated easier. Subconscious defences though, could block the emotional liberation.

In this course, you’ll find a number of easy to learn techniques, which practicing in a regular basis, will help you transform your beliefs and to liberate the emotions that could be blocking your growth and evolution, as well as affecting your health.

In this self-help course you will find:

Three pdf documents:

  • How to use this course

  • Disclaimer

  • Course & Emotional Liberation Process

An audio:

  • Guided Meditation “Conection”

Links to seven videos including each technique to liberate emotions so you can follow the process step by step from home and at your pace.

Feel Calm – A Life Without Stress & Anxiety


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