I’ve been helping and guiding others in collaboration with horses for 13 years now and yet, there are still moments when I have to remind myself: TRUST.

The client in front of me has come from afar to Connect with Horses. Wants to focus on freedom, confidence and joy.

As always on the first session, we wander around the sanctuary until something or somebody calls them.

On this occasion, my favourite mule, Timi, comes out from her box followed by her stallion, to receive us at the entrance of the paddock. My client immediately decides to work with her. However, as soon as she explains to me why, Timi turns around and hides again in her box, followed by her stallion, of course.

Arrggg! Panic thoughts flood my head. It’s just for a few seconds but my mind is non-stopping; “We just have this opportunity”, “What do I do now without horses”, “How could I sell Connecting with Horses when the horses disappear” and on and on.

Right away, I remind myself what I teach to my students; repeat in your mind like a mantra: TRUST.

So, I simply ask that if the paddock represented the world, where would freedom, confidence and joy be. Apparently, under a tree.

I invite my client to start walking to get these emotions, but fear can be paralyzing. So, I guide her to release those emotions that arise and prevent her to get her goals, until one step after the other, she gets there.

I let her there for a little, soaking on those emotions she’s yearning for, but now, she doesn’t want to get out. If she comes back to the world, it’ll snatch them from her.

I help her to feel and give shape to these emotions so she can feel them within her body and that was the moment, when, with her eyes closed and a smile in her face, Timi decided, not just to get out again but to make direct contact with my client and show her the meaning of freedom, confidence and joy.

It doesn’t matter how many times I witness experiences like this, I always get emotional and I find admirable the sensitivity and power of horses to help us heal when we need to look at the future with freedom, confidence and joy.

More than a year ago, I started a project to create an online course to teach Horse Assisted Therapy and Coaching, although it could perfectly be Nature Assisted Therapy. To create a community of like-minded professionals capable of guiding their clients to go within and connect with their true inner self and to find their own answers and solutions to whatever is blocking their journey. And that’s how Connecting with Horses was born, an online course that will take you on a self-discovery journey of personal and professional development to make you a well-grounded Horse Assisted Coach and Counsellor.

The whole information to the course is in the next link. If you feel the call, don’t waste more time, we start again on March 10th 2020.

Connecting with Horses Online Course

Connecting with Horses – A lesson on freedom, confidence and joy
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