Yesterday, someone sent me a message asking why I was forcing horses to absorb our negative emotions. Besides, she commented that the horse in the picture was clearly overwhelmed and couldn’t escape the multitude that was surrounding her.

This made me think about my work. I’ve been working this way with horses for 13 years and it’s not the first time I doubt myself. Am I doing what is right? Am I “using” horses for my own benefit?

So, I stopped for a moment, focused on my breathing, connected with my heart and I clearly saw it:

  • When I work with horses, they’re always free to interact with my clients or not. In fact, occasionally, they decide not to do it and the session goes on anyway, just observing from the distance. In fact, these sessions are usually very revealing and powerful for my clients.
  • Horses benefit from this type of work in the same way clients or myself do. Most of the horses I work with have been abused, mistreated or abandoned. They live in a sanctuary in the best conditions we could offer and it’s really positive and healing for them to receive some unconditional love from people who also need to heal.
  • There is never anything wrong with the horses after a session, quite the opposite. The vibration is always high for everyone involved.

On the other hand, the whole event reminded me of the story about this group of women who are surrounding the horse and that I want to share with you.

There was an advanced group who had the intention to relax, trust, feel and connect.

Together they decided that certain area of the paddock was where they could integrate those elements and the task was to get there with the horse they chose.

At the beginning, they tried to form a chain to guide the horse, but she didn’t respond at all, in fact, she didn’t even move a muscle.

Next, they decided that if each of them connected with their hearts individually and send her love, the horse would respond. And that was exactly what happened:

It was a magical moment, that horse is where she wants to be and the group of women learnt that it’s not necessary to force any situation, when we’re in the right place and move from the heart, situations come to you naturally. And meanwhile, they learnt to relax, trust, feel and connect.

More than a year ago, I started a project to create an online course to teach Horse Assisted Therapy and Coaching, although it could perfectly be Nature Assisted Therapy. To create a community of like-minded professionals capable of guiding their clients to go within and connect with their true inner self and to find their own answers and solutions to whatever is blocking their journey. And that’s how Connecting with Horses was born, an online course that will take you on a self-discovery journey of personal and professional development to make you a well-grounded Horse Assisted Coach and Counsellor.

The whole information to the course is in the next link. If you feel the call, don’t waste more time, we start on March 10th 2020.

Connecting with Horses Online Course

Is it wrong to do Therapy & Coaching with Horses?

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