What a great day today, Winter Solstice, to look back and be thankful for everything we’ve experienced along the year. In my case, I can only say that it has been and intense year, especially the last couple of months! But full of generosity, amazing lessons and lots of letting go of theold patterns and emotional baggage.

I started the year opening Empowering Women, a programme that offers horse assisted therapy to women who have experienced any type of domestic violence. Those women, sometimes forgotten, who had the strength to leave that experience behind but struggle to keep their lives together, due to the trauma that the situation left within them. Empowering Women provides individual therapy sessions every week to each participant so they can, bit by bit, overcome the trauma and create a healthy lifestyle. As you can imagine, the emotions that have arisen along the year have been overwhelming on many occasions, but it turned out that starting this programme has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my own growth, as a person and as a professional. These women have been through the most traumatic experiences and humiliations we can imagine and yet, all of them, come to a point during therapy when they take full responsibility for their lives, they learn from their experiences and how to move forward stronger than ever. It’s not an easy journey, but an incredible step to take in times when everyone seems to be very easily offended and victimhood seems to rule the world.

I can only feel gratitude to have these women in mylife. All of them without exception have taught me lessons that have helped me overcome my own emotional baggage. They’ve taught me how to stand tall, own my experiences and to stop feeling sorry for myself because of them or my circumstances. As one of them told me, “I am now the woman I’ve been waiting for”. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I have to say that Empowering Women couldn’t have happened without the Dames in Turre. An Association of women that has been supporting the programme since day one. All my gratitude to them and to the other associations that have occasionally supported the cause too, like the Lions in Vera, Women on Wednesdays, The Divine Life Society, Ananda Centre and all the therapists who gave their time to raise money for the programme and the Masons Lodge. I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of them. Again, thankyou.

I get so overwhelmed by the power of communities that, thinking of all the problems our society is going through at the moment doesn’t make me feel fear anymore. We are powerful, we just need to realise how much and we’ll be able to overcome anything.

I cannot say goodbye without mentioning all my private clients and to my animal team too. As one of my teachers once told me, our clients and collaborators reflect what we need to heal within ourselves. They indicate our next step in our journey of self-discovery and healing. And Gosh if that’s the case! You don’t just tell me where to look at, but how to heal, and you pay me for it! Once more, thank you.

Mindfulness with Horses Workshop

I could continue forever but you get the point. The best lessons are sometimes under the most disappointing experiences.

Find your lesson, learn from it, stand tall and keep moving forward.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If you want to dig deeper into your own growth and development, you can contact me any time. I can help you to connect with your true inner self, I can help you to feel worthy and safe once and for all, I can help you to discover the abundance the world around you has to offer, I can help you to fall in love with your own life.

Empower yourself and be the owner of your own life

For any query, please, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll replyas soon as possible.

Animals have the wisdom to teach us, the compassion to forgive us, the patience to wait for us and the power to heal our true inner self.’

Letting Go 2018
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