The benefits of meditation have now been proved by the scientific field. Neuroscience talks naturally about it in a way that was unthinkable years ago. And from my point of view, it should be part of any therapeutic or personal development process. Even more, it should be a fundamental practice in our lives, as cleaning your teeth is.

I’ve tried to meditate most part of my adult life, and everything I got was 5 minutes of not thinking as maximum. I knew about the benefits of doing this practice but I didn’t find the way to find my true self.

In time, I realise that to meditate, actually, it’s not necessarily sitting in Budha position trying not to think. It can be any activity where you focus and your mind is not wandering from one worry to the next continuously. I found that among horses. When I’m with horses, simply grooming them, I do it with 100% of my atention. There are no problems, work, family or any other issue that normally would keep my mind busy. At that moment, I take the brush, look at my horse, and it’s just the both of us. The best part is that it doesn’t implies any effort, there is no fight to keep my mind quiet, it simply happens. And once it happens and you’re aware of it, you can go there as many times as you want and practice until meditation is a natural part of your life. Even more, you can take it to other activities and practices. So think for a moment, what activity makes you live that moment totally?

In my case, despite having found out this practice and doing it regularly, my own personal growth evolved until I found a course on shamanism run by the master Sandra Ingerman. I know, shamanism sounds a little bit esoteric but, in my experience, it’s just meditation with intention. And when you get to slow down your brain waves through breathing or any other relaxation technique, and put an intention to the meditation, you get a direct line with your unconscious, with all the experiences and knowledge of your ancentors, with a superior consciousness. And that experience, changed my life. Suddenly everything made sense, bad experiences are not bad anymore, everything is learning in process, and life turns into an adventure from what I don’t want to miss even the tiniest detail. So, if you have already thought about meditating, or even if this is the first time you have heard about it, don’t hesitate and give it a go. Internet is full of guided meditations that you can try until you find the right one for you. What are you waiting for?

If you want to start or go deeper into meditation, you can contact me any time. To find out what emotions are blocking your own development, and learn emotional freedom techniques, don’t miss the self-help online courses I’ve created to help you, a guided meditation is included. If you don’t find the ideal course for you, let me know and I’ll design one exclusively for you. For any query, please, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Meditation – The Art Of Going Within

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