I am glad you have found me here at Free Dreams. The idea is to create a community where we can share our experiences.

So let me share with you a little bit

About me

I’ve been helping people to liberate trapped emotions, change old patterns and reconnect with themselves through animals and nature since 2006. Since I’m a pioneer of this type of work in Spain, some of my projects have been well covered by Spanish, English and German press and TV in my area. I’ve merged my CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) knowledge together with coaching, mindfulness, animal assisted therapy, shamanism and meditation; creating a new approach where I guide my clients to use new tools and tackle those issues they want to leave behind, in an effective way and to create the future or their dreams.

I’ll guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation while connecting with nature & horses. You’ll fall in love with your own life!
There is no riding involved and can be done onsite and online.

I studied more than 3 years of Psychology, and then followed a less conventional path. First with Animal Assisted Therapy and then Coaching, Quantum Psychology, NLP, Biodecoding Therapy, Shamanism, mindfulness, meditation and the liberation of trapped emotions and blocks.

I created Free Dreams in 2016 to connect with the rest of the world. I always wanted to help us many people as possible so I decided to shout out loud everything I learnt during all these years in my career and take a step forward. So here I am!

‘Animals have the wisdom to teach us, the compassion to forgive us, the patience to wait for us, and the power to heal our true inner self.’

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Free Dreams

Free Dreams Therapeutic Purpose

“To help you become aware of your emotions. To guide you while you learn the purpose of those emotions and how to liberate them, so you can connect with your inner self again, feel safe in the world we all live in, and fall in love with your own life.

Coming back to the purpose of this site, from here I am going to offer several methods to help you deal with stressful and/or anxious situations. As a result, you will find very useful tools to help you reach a state of calm and peace, so it will be easier to accomplish your dreams and to live your life purpose.

As I said at the beginning, the idea is to create a community, so any experience, doubt or comment you want to share with us will be welcomed. We will help to create a better world together!

Do not miss my blog, I will be uploading very useful and interesting articles and videos to help you improve your quality of life so you can live an abundant and fulfilled life.

EquiSense – The Web of Life

In 2010, I founded the non-profit Association EquiSense – The Web of Life, where I also work as a Therapist and Coach. EquiSense started as an Animal Assisted Therapy association, where our colleagues were mainly horses and dogs. But since then we have grown and evolved. More therapists have joined the team and now we do Art and Creative Therapy as well. We address all types of collectives, from groups who are in social exclusion risk to individuals or groups who pursue a personal or professional development. Even those who are looking for a more Conscious Holiday!

As a small example of our work, we are especially proud of the programme 12 steps to share. A project that took place at the beginning of 2016 for 3 months in Almería prison, in Spain. There, we worked with a group of 12 young men through Arts and Creative Therapy and Dog Assisted Therapy. Follow this link to see a video about it.

If you want to know more or to implement this or any other program in your center or association, please, do not hesitate to contact us.