Very few of us escape, at least once in our lives, times of confusion, crisis or just ability to function in the way we would like.

Relationships, our work, times of change, or even undischarged trauma may mean that some of the ways that have worked for us in the past, just simply aren’t cutting it anymore…and we usually know within ourselves when that happens. 

The work that Susana Salamanca does as a therapist is both deeply empathic, healing and life affirming. It empowers and enables in a world that sometimes feels designed to impose the opposite.

My own experience of the psychotherapeutic work Susana does is from both a personal and professional standpoint, as a psychologist/therapist myself and, also, my own personal ‘stuck’ time (even therapists lose their way and need to benefit from another professional).

Her work with animals is cutting edge and pretty inspirational. Given the numbers of those already signed up I’d say that’s the highest recommendation you can find.

Susanne Hackett 
Msc,  Psychologist/Psychotherapist (Integrative and Humanistic)