My ex-husband was an alcoholic and a narcissist. When I finally plucked up the courage to leave I thought I’d left the abuse far behind and was finally free. However, I found no cause to celebrate. I’d become a shadow of the person I once was. Years of fierce rages, control, manipulation and abuse had taken their toll. I was telling everyone I was fine but inside I had shut down. I was full of fear, frightened for my future, had low self-esteem and confidence and was constantly battling with being swallowed by depression. The trauma I’d been through had infiltrated every part of me and I couldn’t seem to free myself from it. My way of protecting myself was to close my ‘self’ down and try to bury those feelings that were too painful to deal with.

By doing so I created a disconnect with everyone and everything. Living in a state of hyper-vigilance and numbness made me feel detached, highly anxious and exhausted. It was like I’d tried to re-wire my brain to protect myself, but it was harming me more.

The abuse I’d suffered had robbed me of my sense of well-being and true purpose. However, the good news was I started to see Susana! I have no idea how horses can be so intuitive, but they are! They could read me, I couldn’t hide behind anything. Week by week, layer by layer, we have worked at stripping me of the barriers I had built up around me. The raw emotions have sometimes been hard to bear but gradually the horses and Susana have nurtured me and allowed me to release my negative life hindering beliefs, doubts and fears.

I’ve learnt that trauma doesn’t have to define me. With Susana’s expert processing and equine super powers, I have learnt to reconnect with myself and others. I have changed the course of my life by focusing on the things that aid my healing. Susana has given me awareness and self-help tools I can use every day to extinguish old harming thoughts and reactivity. By recognising these feelings, I can now recondition my responses.

I cannot express my gratitude enough. The liberation I feel and transformation that has taken place is beyond any of my expectations.

With Susana I’ve always felt safe and secure and, with her guidance and the aid of the horses, I have been able to get right to the core of my emotions. It’s direct and instant. Years ago, I tried counselling for something unrelated and spent weeks spilling out things to a psychotherapist and not getting anywhere. I may have opened up, but I never felt any better. With Susana I say how I feel and the horses help me tap into a powerful healing connection where I process emotions with a new perspective and release them. The horses expediate everything.

I feel restored and re-energized and am now living well again or to be honest the best I ever have!

Susana radiates positive energy and is incredibly supportive. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My attitude to life has turned around thanks to Susana and her equine therapy.

Participant of the program Empowering Women