We’re already in January 2020. They’re saying that this is going to be a great year.

I’m still immersed in a personal process and to be honest, the experience is being enthralling.

To find my rhythm, to respect it and calmly going within to connect with my intuition, that one who knows what’s best for me and for those who come to me.

I’ve been journaling about my meditations for more than three years. So, I thought it was a good moment to go back to them. I thought that reading the guidance that I’ve been receiving along this time, I could find forgotten or overlooked answers and it is being fascinating and beautiful, as much as clarifying.

Meditations that, at that time made limited sense, now come to life and affect and illuminate the present directly. I don’t even find words to express the sensations that go through my body.

Today however, I want to tell you about one that called particularly my attention.

The Three Witches


This was back on December 2017 and apparently, I was having feelings of unworthiness once again. This is one of my patterns, my limiting beliefs, and from time to time still comes to visit.

On that occasion I wanted to transform it into fulfilment and abundance. This is what happened.

I got into the sea, where I found a tortoiseshell. I was bringing it back to land when I saw three witches so, I offered the tortoiseshell to them in a ritual.

The first one came close to me and said: I’m the witch of beauty and in order to have it, you have to remain beautiful inside. 

The second one came close next and said: I’m the witch of abundance and in order to have it, you have to be generous.

And finally the third one came and told me: I’m the witch of harmony and in order to have it, you need to learn to say no and to take care of yourself.

They can seem obvious messages but how many times we forget these certainties? We live absorbed in our daily lives and we don’t even realise we’re missing values.

This has made me think in the importance of having reminders at sight. It could be drawings, pictures, poems or texts that remind us these and other obviousnesses that make us remain grounded. That make us remain human.

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The Three Witches
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