Connecting with Horses – Horse Assisted Coaching & Counseling Online Course

“Find the job of your dreams and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

You love horses and want to create your own coaching business to work full time in the job of your dreams. Or you already have a business around horses and want to implement a new program. This online course is for you if you’re a Horse Assisted Practitioner looking to incorporate new techniques in your practice or if you’re a therapist, counsellor, coach or teacher interested in working with horses or other animals.

  • You’ll learn techniques that will make you become a knowledgeable Horse Assisted Coach and Counselor
  • You’ll be able to help your clients with a structured, but flexible, and proven method that will benefit your clients, your horses and most importantly YOURSELF
  • You’ll give your clients easy-to-do activities and exercises to help overcoming depression, stress & anxiety, fear & phobias and trauma
  • You’ll learn to create specific programs for groups of people who want to work on their personal or professional development; who have experienced any type of abuse; who are dealing with eating disorders; or any other population you want to work with
  • You’ll provide your clients with experiential learning so they’ll find their own answers and solutions
  • You’ll have my assistance throughout the course
During the 6 months that this course will last, I’ll be sending you one module a month plus activities to do. Then, we’ll have a monthly session via videoconference for you to ask me questions and clarify everything before we pass to the next module. In the last module you’ll have to create your own program and write an essay, so
you’ll be ready to start your own business right after the course ends.